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Ed Croft is one of the most sought after musicians in the Buffalo area and around the country. His talents are vast and crowd pleasing. Not only is he an amazing upright bass player of jazz and classical music but he is versatile on electric bass, guitar, and vocals. Ed has an extensive knowledge of music both theoretically and historically. I am so lucky to have the pleasure of performing with him in my group Mary Ramsey and Friends--which features his jazz upright bass playing which is badass and also his harmonies on vocals. He is an instinctual player with sensitivity and wonderful style. Ed is an energetic and brilliant lover of music. Always a pleasure to hear him musically and just share his company.

--Mary Ramsey (10,000 Maniacs, John & Mary)

Introducing the highly anticipated second album, Outside Agitators, by Nixon, Croft, and Goretti. Get ready to be transported to a world of smooth rhythms and soulful improvisations. Available to stream or purchase on Bandcamp.

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